From the author

Style in art is a set of features characterizing the individual manner of the artist. But sometimes the idea itself, the idea of the painting, forces the way it is painted. For copying of the classics is boring, copying myself all the time is silly.

My thing is color, acute perception of colors. I have always paid special attention to the surface of the paintings, so that they were rich and full in their picturesque texture.

My creativity rests on two pillars: Armenian temperamental, juicy, colorful painting and Russian school of drawing, with strict academic traditions. I try to merge the yellow gold of the South with the white gold of the North, I hope this fusion will be precious and will outlast me.

Among my works there are paintings subordinated to sunlight, where the color is light-bearing and seeks to express the idea of eternity. There are works where the color has an excited passionate and sometimes tragic tone.

In my works I strive to look for beauty in everything, to be lyrical, but not sentimental. Simple, but not primitive, whatever motives and themes are used in my works.